So many thoughts. 

So many ideas. 

The world keeps spinning and my mind keeps churning.  

Dyann and I finally drafted our plan. Our map to the future state. Solidified our ideas and placed a timeline against it. We are going to do it.  

We are going to bring our dream state to you. To the world. To share our vision of the future.  



The Refuge Farm.  


A sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest of farming, food, learning and relaxation. An oasis among the trees.  

For everyone to enjoy. 

For everyone to be a part of. 

For everyone to learn from. 

For everyone to take communion from. 

A place to for us all to take respite and break bread with our friends, new and old. 



To make a dream a reality it needs to move from the mind to paper. 

And from paper to plan. 

And from plan to action.  

And action creates reality. 


You are all part of our reality. All part of bringing our dream to life.  


Thank you. 


In the coming months as we build, create, plan, and do, we will share our path. Our successes and our failures with you. We look forward to you joining us in this adventure and to break bread with you in person. 

Thank you for your support. 

John & Dyann