The World's Best Paleo BBQ Chicken

I'm warning you right now, this is not a simple one step recipe. To make the world's best Paleo BBQ Chicken you have to take your time, and be patient. This is a 3-step process, marinade, smoke, and baste at high temp. This recipe was designed for using a #traegergrill but I will put side notes in for those that don't have a Traeger, yet..

1) Marinate your chicken for 3-5 hours in this recipe (the only chicken marinade you will ever need)

2) Once you chicken has marinated under refrigeration for 3-5 hours, remove from the refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature, in the marinade.

3) Set your #Traeger up and get it ready to smoke at 225f. The most important step is to put down a bed of rosemary sprigs to smoke the chicken on top of

4) Smoke the chicken breast for 45 minutes

5)  Crank up the Traeger to 375f and baste the chicken with my totally awesome Paleo Chipotle-Coffee BBQ Sauce, close the lid and come back in 10 minutes.

6) Baste it again, close the lid, and come back in 10 minutes. 

7) Baste those things one more time and check for doneness. If ready, eat. If not cook a little longer.

This BBQ Chicken goes great with my Paleo Asian Slaw and a GSM (that a Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre for those wondering, a classic Cote du Rhone blend)