It's time for a Whiskey

Thirsty Thursday

There is just something about cocktails and drinks on Thursdays that are a perfect fit. The week is almost over. It's time to start celebrating the weekend. Relax after a hard work week and just unwind.

I like craft cocktails. Especially when my beautiful wife is mixing them.

Red wine is always a hit. Good red wine that is. I'm not much into drinking crap wine. I'm kind of a snob and I admit it.

And then there is Hard Cider. Adult apple juice.

Even when you're Paleo or Primal you can still enjoy a drink or two. Remember the 80/20 rule. And leave out the sugar and syrups, substituting agave.

After sitting in a rental car, driving all over the Portland metro area for almost 4 hours today, a good whiskey drink was in order. And my beautiful bride hit a home run with a perfect Mint Julep. A blend of Basil Hayden whiskey, fresh mint, crushed ice, agave syrup and a little lemon juice, nothing is better.


So raise a glass. Enjoy a drink. Just know that tomorrow is Friday. And then the weekend. For us, it’s the beginning of Spring Break. We are off to Yellowstone National Park for a family adventure. I’ll be writing remotely. Collecting memories. And seeing one of the greatest parks in the US. I can’t wait to share it with you.


Have a great Thirsty Thursday. Drink responsibly. And live your life. Enjoy your life.