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Paradigm Shift

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Life changing


Quantum leap


Life changing

That’s been my week. Hard to believe so much has happened in just 7 days, but it truly has been life altering for me. And it all started with hearing just four words: 

All In God’s Time


A dear coach said that to me on Monday during our weekly discussion and it resonated so deeply. We were talking about how I have absolutely no control over anything but my reactions. I don’t even control my own emotions at times. As a chef I always believed that I could control my world and the planets that orbited around me, I controlled what was served. I controlled how it was served. Who served it. Who cooked it. How it looked on the plate. And ultimately how you enjoyed it. I Controlled it all. But did I really?

I didn’t control what was served. I had no idea what a guest would order, or what food actually got delivered each day, or if I ran out of something.  

I didn’t control how it was served. I had no ability to control what happened to the food the moment it left my hand, and for that matter there are a million little altering events that could have happened when I was plating something that kept me from really having control. 

I sure as hell didn’t control who served the food. Yeah, I was part of the hiring process and making shift schedules, but I had no idea who would call in sick each day, and when push came to shove we would slap an apron on any human breathing if we needed to. 

Oh, and controlling who cooked it. Yah right. As the chef I called the shots, but really it was the line cooks, prep cooks, pastry chefs, sous chef, and every other person in the restaurant that did their thing and made their own decisions. I didn’t control that. 


I don’t control jack shit.  

In that moment of realizing that, my entire world shifted. Everything started aligning. I realized that I no longer had to try and control things. I’ve spent my entire life fighting and locking horns with everyone and myself trying to control, but it clicked in that moment. No more wasting time and energy. 

Everything happens All In God’s Time.  

Accepting that reality has brought me the peace I have searched for in my attempt to control my world. 

Take this thought for a spin.  

 Everything happens All In God’s Time, not yours.

Have a fantastic week. I appreciate you and am grateful for you.

Until next week, be well, and love who you are, because you are truly fantastic.




PS - I probably should give you a little update on my progress with the Book and my diet. 

1) I have outlined the structure of the book. Dyann and I have talked through some of the logistics. And I have begun research the self-publishing route. That being said, my timeline might be a little ambitious, especially for a first book. I have taken some advice from another writer and decided to first write a smaller book and take it through the entire process so that I learn on something that is not as grandiose and ambitious as The Perfect Party. That being said I am doing recipe development on both projects. The first book, which will be released digitally first and then printed should be completed around August and is a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of cookbook filled with techniques and concepts that are the building blocks for how I cook. I am super excited for this project because I can work on rapidly and get it to you faster with the digital capability. The Perfect Party book will not be digital and is going to be a beautiful large format book that I hope you will proudly display on your coffee table. 


2) Diet - There was some celebrating this week and I treated myself a little. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I am still staying the course, but a treat every now and then won’t hurt. I just can’t go overboard.