13 Day Check-Up

It’s been 13 days.

Day #1 - Easy

Days #2-5 - Hard. Relentlessly difficult.

Days #6-10 - A gradual improvement to good. 

Days #10- Now - Great!  

What the Hell am I talking about, right? 

Part of The Plan (might have briefly mentioned that) for ensuring that 2019 will be The Best Year Ever (TBYE) was taking the diet to the next level in clean.  

Out with the bad, and in the with the good.






Dairy (that’s things made with cow juice, except for Organic Heavy Cream, coffee addiction and all)

Anything processed

Fake sweeteners

Processed and synthetic oils and fats




Organic vegetables, and lots of them

Wild fish, especially cold water ocean fish like Salmon

Wild caught shellfish

Nuts & Seeds

Natural, pasture raised, hormone & antibiotic free beef, pork & chicken

Non-cow cheeses (Manchego, Chèvre, and Feta...are just a couple of my faves)

Organic vegetables, did I mention those? 

Eggs, but only if they are truly natural, pasture rasied, from chickens that aren’t treated with hormones and antibiotics, and fed a natural non-corn or soy based diet...You know, eggs from a normal farm, or your backyard if you can have them

And probably some more vegetables ( they’re organic, right?) 

Healthy oils like avacado, extra-virgin olive, mac nut, sesame seed

Water, green and black tea, and coffee (thank God)

Anything coconut

And have a few more organic vegetables while you’re at it




Hard liquor, if it’s aged, and not mixed with all kinds of sugar

Chocolate, super dark, 75% or more cocoa

Rice (and only white rice) 

Fruit, organic, and really only when’s it’s naturally in-season (where you live) 

I probably missed a few specific items, but you probably get the picture. A lot of vegetables, some clean seafood and meat, healthy oils and fats, and a couple of life’s pleasures, in particular 🍷, but the underlining truth behind all of them is that they are clean, organic, natural, REAL foods with the shortest, if any ingredient list besides what it is your eating.

It’s more about what you take away in this instance, the unhealthy and typically known, not necessarily good for you, foods and what you add.

A few of them might be a little shocking, or you are in complete disbelief, but there is a lot of science behind these choices (and as normal, there isjust as much refuting them), and for all that I have read, and experimented with on myself over the years this list makes sense for me. And that’s the key, it’s what makes sense for me and my body. This isn’t the perfect list for you, and if you follow mine you probably won’t get the same results that I did. You have to experiment and tweak based on how your body responds. 

So how do I feel?

I’m not gonna lie, I feel fantastic. 

Clear headed. 


Sleep great. 

Oh, and I’m sure I’ve dropped a few pounds. Not that I would be able to tell you since we tossed the scale about a year ago.  

The absolute key though is that I feel great. I look great. Leaner. My clothes are looser. My skin in balanced. 

That is where it truly matters. How I feel. And I feel AMAZING! 

I’ll keep you posted on how things are going, and if I treated (cheated) or added anything back onto the ‘yes’ column.

Check my Insta Page to see what I’m eating lately

But what I did want to share is my Green Smoothie recipe that Dyann and I have been having almost every morning. It’s super awesome. Over flowing with healthy greens and fats with a nice combination of flavor and protein, it’s the perfect way to start your day. 


 Have a fantastic week. I appreciate you and am grateful for you.

Until next week, be well, and love who you are, because you are truly fantastic.