Traveling Again

We've hit the road again, or should I say the skies. 

#PDX carpet

#PDX carpet

After getting checked into our flight, and trusting that our checked baggage would make it all the way through to KUL (Kuala Lumpur) we were off for our pre-flight drink to hopefully help us sleep on the red-eye to DFW (Dallas Fort Worth in airport language). And why do we all have to take pictures of our feet on the PDX carpet? Just being a lemming I guess. 

Five hours later we arrive in DFW groggy as hell, but unable to sleep. Wandering the airport we found a place to charge our phones and occupy our minds. Me, I chose a coloring book of course. Brainless activity, for me there is nothing better.  I have a feeling that it will take me all two weeks just to finish this first picture.




11am, time to board. Dyann was wise enough to upgrade our seats to have a little comfort for the 16 hours we were about to endure as we fly along at 562mph at 32,000' to HKG (airport code again, Hong Kong). Now in my mind I was expecting lots of leg room and comfy seats, but to our dismay the extra $150 a seat did not quite get us there (first world problems). A couple things I love about international flights: 

1) Free drinks  (Woodford reserve to be exact)

2) Free meals (delicious pork chow mein, Stromboli & gelato, and finally dim sum)

3) Free snacks 

4) Awesome people watching (check out the instagram page of @passengershaming) 

5) Did I mention free drinks? (Jack and Ginger, Baileys & Coffee)


Landing into HKG was a breeze and it felt so nice to walk after sitting for 16 hours (I did get caught up on a lot of movies that I hadn't seen yet, 22 Jump Street, Strangers, Why Him, Table 19 (don't recommend), Founder - notice nothing about sleeping). With our brief layover in HKG we wanted to have a quick bite and some wine before we nervously board our Malaysian Airlines flight to KUL (Kuala Lumpur). And we found it! Beef Noodle Soup... and an interesting Merlot from Hungary. 


Beef Noodle Soup in #HKG

Beef Noodle Soup in #HKG

By the way, it's our 2nd Anniversary today. Traveling the world with my partner in crime, the love of my life, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than Noodle Soup in Hong Kong. I love you, Baby!


Happy Anniversary! 

Happy Anniversary! 

Typical with Malaysian Airlines, the flight was delayed, but after boarding I finally fell asleep, and the 4 hour plane ride went by in a snap (missing the meal and free drinks this time). 


Did we crash?

No, body intact, check.

Dyann alive, check.

No one screaming, check.

Hit the tarmac, check.

We made it!

KUL, final flight destination. Time for customs, baggage, Uber and final destination, The Majestic Hotel.  It's 1:30am local time and I can't quite tell if I should be asleep or awake. But, OMG is our room awesome!

Being upgraded by Marriott to a Suite is always a good thing!