To Travel is to Live

It's in our blood. The desire to see the world. To experience life on every continent, in every country. 21st century nomads. As soon as one trip ends and new one is being planned, or rather multiple trips.

When Dyann and I first met we compared bucket lists, and then combined our lists knowing that we will get to them all. This is not to say we are shirking any responsibilities at home, quite the contrary. We hustle. We work hard. And we take care of shit. Our trips are our rewards for the hard work we put in to make our lives, and our kids lives happen.  

And so here we are, 9413 miles away from home, as the crow flies. On an Island smaller than the city of Portland, experiencing the world. 

Learning new things. 

Tasting new foods. 

Meeting new people.

Seeing life from a different vantage point. 



As a young boy, I didn't like to read much. I would much rather be outside covering myself with mud and trekking through the suburban forest trying to find Big Foot. But what I did read had profound effects on me later in life, that only now can I realize. I would spend my summers with my Grandmother  outside of Phoenix Arizona and she would have me read for one hour every day. Being a retired elementary school teacher, children's books were in no short supply at her house. Poetry books. Dick & Jane books. The Little Engine That Could. Beyond the moral lessons, what those books taught me was a sense of adventure. A sense of exploration. A desire to do and be more.

35 years later, I'm sitting on a beach in Southeast Asia reminiscing about my childhood and planning all my future adventures with the love of my life. My soulmate. My best friend. 



Every place we visit has a story, and we get the honor of bringing that story back home, to our family, friends and clients. We wrap our travel into culinary experiences. Our love of adventure and exploration permeates in everything that we do. This is our life. We are going to live it to the fullest, and we hope that you come along with us, because to travel is to live.