Home Again with so many stories to share...

3 Peaks, Our 'watering hole' 

3 Peaks, Our 'watering hole' 

After three flights, and one long layover, we have made it home. Sitting outside on the lawn @3PeakPublicHouse enjoying some great PNW Cider, realizing why we call the Pacific Northwest (PNW) home. Dyann and I adventure to far off places to see and do amazing things, but we always look forward to coming home. The lush green forests, rolling hills of clover and grass, whitecapped mountain peaks (and volcano), and pristine beaches are where our hearts love to be. 



With light shows like this for sunset, who wouldn't want to come home to our slice of heaven? 

In the coming days I can't wait to tell more stories about our Asian adventures. To tell you about the kind and giving Malay people we met, and the Buddhist festival we wandered into while in Narita. This blog is about stories.  (For our adventures and cooking in 'real time' you can always follow us on instagram @therefugechef)

About our adventures. 

About our life. 

As Dyann and I walked down the terminal in PDX, after 19 hours of flight time spanned across 35 hours, we were already quibbling about where to go next. We can't wait to go back to Malaysia, and the 12 hours spent in Japan wetted our whistle for so much more, but our bucket list is long and we only have this life to see it all.  

Tell me, where would you go next? Help us plan our next great adventure. Tell me and show me where we need to go. What is our next off the beaten path adventure?