What to do when driving

Travel Tuesday


Today is a travel day for us again. Our family vacation is coming to an end and we need to make the long drive back to home, back to reality and back to work. Along with a short pit stop in Boise to put my son on the plane, we are looking at a 14 hour day of driving.


It’s not always the easiest to be healthy while making a day of driving. There are usually the requisite snacks and sodas to keep you awake while you pass each mile marker, but it can be done. Last week I told you my trick about doing stomach exercises while sitting in your ass, this week my other trick is a fasting day. Fasting days are great, and so good for you to help get all the junk out of your system, especially after a vacation.


Driving is a great time to fast. Have a small meal in the morning before you get started and then just drive. Bring lots of water with you and as soon as you start to feel hungry, drink some water. You are going to flush out your system and get really hydrated at the same time.


The other ‘ass-pect’ that so rarely gets talked about though is the elimination part. You are going to pee a lot during the day, and hopefully go poop a couple of times. Listen to your body and go to the bathroom when it tells you to. Don’t be a hard-ass and hold it. One thing I want you to make sure and do is look at your pee each time you go. If you start to pee clear, you need to supplement some of your water with a sugar-free hydration drink to get some electrolytes into your system. Just make sure it’s sugar-free.


For your fast to be really successful you need to go for at least 8 hours, 12 is optimal. This gives your body a chance to flush things out, but also take a break too. Your digestive system needs rest just like every other part of your body. It’s always working.


And finally, when it is time to eat, make sure you start small. Have a really small first meal back, and make it something easy like an egg or two and maybe an apple a couple of hours later.  Don’t get all Nutty Professor and stuff your gullet with everything you can. Take it slow and slip back into your Primal/Paleo lifestyle.


I hope you all downloaded and printed out your food log and are keeping track. Remember that knowing is the first step in changing. You need to know what you are truly eating to know how to set goals, make a plan, and change. If you haven’t gotten my food tracking log yet, sign-up below and I’ll send it to you.


Have a great day everyone, and wish us luck on the long drive.