Soul-full Sunday


When I was a kid my Grandmother use to send me to this great summer camp for a week. It was nestled in the hills outside of Prescott Arizona. We stayed in these cool old log cabins with bunk beds, played in the fields, had dances and talent shows in the old hall, and great meals in the mess all. And the best part of the camp was the chapel. It was an outdoor chapel, made of stone, and it had this cool stone and boulder mound flanking it’s side. When the pews were filled, us older campers got to sit on the boulders. I can honestly say, I use to love going to church in that stone chapel. Being in the wilderness, the fresh air and cool breeze blowing through the ponderosa pines, it was the closest I think I have felt to God.


And now that I’m older, I still get that same feeling when I’m out in the wilderness. Far away from the City and droves of people. The feel of the cool wind on my face through the trees. There is a sense of peace that surrounds me like a warm blanket swaddling me. As if God is there with me in those moments.


I’m not always the most religious of men, but I understand the role of faith in my life and the importance of trusting in a higher power. Sunday is my day of reflection. To think about all that I have been blessed with. To be grateful. To remember those in my life that can get forgotten during the rush of the day-to-day.


Today was no different.


Sitting in a hot tub with my beautiful wife, enjoying coffee, the sounds of nature around us and quiet conversation. A chance for she and I to reconnect. I love my wife. She is one of the true blessing in my life, and I am grateful every day for her. Those brief moments of quiet together keep us centered and connected.



And then a walk with the boys and Dyann in the wilderness of north-eastern Idaho. The beauty surrounding us. I feel that warm blanket wrapping around me. We walked played in the snow, explored, took pictures and lived life. Living with a purpose to enjoy. The wilderness is my church. God talks to me through the wind in the trees. I feel his presence in the beauty of the nature around me and try to capture his image in my photography. I owe this all to my Grandmother, for sending me to camp. To live those experiences in the Prescott summers during monsoon season. I found God and he has always been there with me.


Blessing to you all. May you find your peace and harmony in the world.