The first step is the hardest

Wellness Wednesday


Becoming healthy is a personal journey that I started the day I realized I’d gotten fat. Becoming fat takes a long time to happen, and you don’t always notice as it does. Clothes get a little tighter, so you buy a few new pants, stretchy chef pants. It’s amazing what you can hide behind a chef’s coat. I went from a solid 185lbs coming out of the Army to a squishy, flabby 265lbs at my heaviest. I was not healthy. I was fat. But the scary thing was that I didn’t notice it happening and no one was telling me. Maybe everyone was just being polite. They didn’t want to hurt my feelings.


So, what was that day like when I realized I was fat? It was when I could no longer hide behind a chef coat. When I had to wear ‘professional’ clothes to work, a shirt, slacks and a tie. I went out shopping and was horrified. Now, granted I had been buying and wearing stretchy pants for quite some time, but now I had to buy clothes with numbered waist sizes on them. I figured I was just a little bigger than I use to be, so a size 34 should do it. NOT A CHANCE! I couldn’t even get those pants over my thighs. I ended up in a size 38, and even those felt tight. I knew right then I had to make a change. I had lost control, and lived in excess, and now it showed. And soon, if I didn’t stop, I would be paying an even bigger price with my health.


I made a decision that day, in that moment to make a change; to not be fat any more. It’s been a long road to get where I am today. I have fallen off the wagon countless times, but I kept at it.  It all started with that day in the dressing room for me.


Wellness Wednesday’s are going to be about my journey to health and fitness. I’m going to tell you how I did it. Where I failed and where I succeeded. I’m going to tell you about the science behind things, and how foods react within our bodies. I’m going to talk about Primal diets and Paleo diets. I’m going to give you the knowledge to make the changes in your life to be the best version of yourself. I have faith in you. I know that you can do it. Let’s keep doing it together. Let’s take this journey of health and wellness together.


Start right now. Take one small step to improving your health. I challenge you to commit to a healthy lifestyle starting today. For the next seven days write down in a journal everything you eat each day. Be as precise as possible. Just knowing what you’re eating is the first step. You have to be aware before you can change. I know you can do this one step. I cannot wait to hear about it. Write me. Comment. I’m here to support you.