Play Day


Satiating Saturday


One of the most important pieces of life, that we often forget is to play. To relax and have fun. To cut loose.  Play is a key element in lifelong health and wellness, and I try to never miss an opportunity to have fun. I use to think that once I became an adult playtime was over; that life had to be serious and about accomplishing goals, meeting deadlines and being responsible. My kids must have hated that about me. I was quite a serious jerk, or better, an asshole.


Times have changed. I’ve seen the error of my thinking, and the effect of my actions.  I’ve changed my hard ass ways. I cut loose a little now and have some fun, and on some days a little too much fun. But hey, I need to make up for a little lost time.


So enjoy your Saturday. Don’t work too hard. I know that the yard needs taken care of, and the house cleaned, and the errands run, and the deck stained, and the fence mended, and the laundry needs washed, but remember, your body and soul need something too. It needs to relax and play and have fun. You need to reboot. Go play!


So we played today. Spent the day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Celebrating Dilon's 8th birthday strolling through town Did a little window shopping, walked the main square, bought some trinkets with the kids, and took in the beauty of the Grand Tetons. It was a great day. 


Until tomorrow…