Let's Go Play...

Satiating Saturday


Did you have a great day? I hope you did. I hope you savored every moment of the day. I know we did.


We always try to sleep in on Saturdays, which means 8am. But that extra couple of hours makes all the difference in the world. Waking up to the sounds of nature and the soft sunshine on the lake.


Coffee. No matter what, coffee. I get coffee for my beautiful wife, and me, every morning. Half & half and one equal. A slow start to a perfect day together. Breakfast in the lodge, and then time to head out and explore. We spent the day exploring the Olympic Peninsula, and doing the Twilight tour of Forks Washington. Lots of hiking. Lots of fresh air. Lots of new places to experience.


That’s how we played today. How did you play today? How did you unwind and enjoy the life you have been given?


10 ways to go play today…


1)   Go for a hike

2)   Play catch

3)   Hop scotch?

4)   Fly a kite

5)   Cook dinner for some friends

6)   Go wine tasting

7)   Go fishing

8)   Take a walk with your best friend

9)   Draw a picture

10) Watch your favorite movie


The list could be exhausting, and I know that you have your own ideas on what to do and how to enjoy life. I guess what I’m saying is that you have permission to go do it. Give yourself permission to have fun, to play, to be a kid.