How I got started

Motivational Monday


Monday’s are great. The slate has been wiped clean from the previous week and you get to start fresh.

Well rested (I hope).


And ready for action.


I love Monday’s. There is something about taking the first step. And the start of a new week is always a chance to take a new step. Go in a new direction. Accomplish new goals. Hit new records.  As Nike likes to say, Just Do It.


I use to hate Monday’s. I dreaded Sundays, and hated Mondays. I never wanted to go back to work. I would party on Saturdays to forget the week that I just barely got through, and got moody and sullen on Sundays because I knew I had to go back to do it again. There was always an aspect of every job I have had that I didn’t like. My boss. My schedule. My pay. The people. The work. The environment. There was always something. Something else that was making me miserable.


But you know what, it wasn’t all those other things, it was me. I was unhappy. I wasn’t being true to myself. I went to work because I thought I had to. Because I needed the money to pay the bills I had accumulated filling myself with things I thought I needed. It wasn’t until I was freed from the bond of a job that I realized it was ME all along.


Being laid-off can be a humiliating, depressing, scary thing to have happen to you. One minute you are humming along at a job that has a pay check. That you are pretty good at. That you might not love, but tolerate to be able to live a life outside of work. And then someone hands you an envelope and a letter, and thanks you for all your hard work, but tells you that they no longer need you. That your services aren’t needed any more. It’s rejection and at it’s professional finest.


That’s what happened to me back in January. I was laid-off. I was rejected. I was told that I wasn’t needed. It was a gut punch. I remember the CEO telling me that while it doesn’t feel like it now, that this is better for me. That my talents will be better off somewhere else. 


He was right. My talents are better off somewhere else. They are better off right here. Writing this blog. Running this business. Helping other people become the best version of themselves. Being a personal chef and a wellness coach.


Because of the love and support of my wife I was able to realize that I could do this. That I could run a business and be my own boss. I can do this. And you reading this shows me that I can.


So what’s the motivation for Monday? Just do it. Figure it out. If there is something you want, you want to be doing, let’s figure out how to get there and do it. I’m here to help you figure that out.

You can do it!