Collector Of Sorts...

Travel Tuesday


Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a collector of things. To have shelves filled with curiosities to look at and tell stories about. I tried rocks. I tried cameras. I tried spoons, beer mugs, hats, everything. But at the end of the day, it was just stuff; and it was stuff that my Mom made me dust and keep clean. The things never lasted. The collections faded, and I moved on to another.


I’ve been traveling since I was a young kid too. I use to spend my summers with my Grandmother and we would spend those long summer days wandering the country in her Buick. Idaho. Wyoming. Nebraska. New Mexico. Arizona. Virginia. Texas. And everything in between. I loved to travel. To explore new place and see new things…try to find something for whatever it was that I was collecting at that moment.


Now I realize, that I am a collector. I’ve been collecting all my life. My collection fills the shelves of my mind. I’m a collector of memories. Of experiences and adventures.  And while I can’t show you my collection, I can tell you about it. I can tell you the stories of the adventures and the places I’ve been and the people who were there with me.


Traveling has filled my soul. Has made me the person I am today. Has shaped my ideas and knowledge in ways that can never be explained.


Tuesday’s are going to be dedicated to those stories. Telling you about those adventures; adventures from the past, and the present. Even future adventures yet to come (as I like to plan a little and be prepared, the Boy Scout in me).


So get out there and collect. Collect memories. Share stories and pictures.


See the world!