5 Ways to Get Creative

Motivation Monday


I did not wake up this morning ready and rarin’ to go. Which is unusual for me, but it is what it is, and I dealt with it. By 9am I had consumed my requisite couple of cups of coffee and was coming to life.


Yay for Monday!


What really got me motivated was all the great ideas I came up with while out for the daily walk with the dog today. I listened to a short podcast and then took the remaining 3 miles to think to myself. It took a few minutes to get all the ‘To-Do’s’ out of my head and onto a list on the iPhone but then from there it was free sailing of brain-power.


Did you know that your brain is hardwired to Daydream. It is. We are designed to think and create ideas, especially ideas to get us out of situations. Basically, to problem solve. Think about it. How much time to you spend during the day thinking about how to solve problems, your problems? How can I get fit? Your financial situation? Issues at work? Getting your kids to their 4 different sporting events and still have date night? Cook a new recipe (that one is totally Me)? I bet you are thinking to yourself right now, yup he’s right. It’s crazy.


I’m training myself to harness my creativity and focus it towards this business. This business that is here to help you be the best person you can be… And I can’t wait to share with you what I came up with, but more on that in a few minutes.


Creativity is an amazing thing, and those ‘ahaha’ moments when they happen are like getting smacked by Albert Einstein. But my favorite part is that the high you get from coming up with a great idea that lasts all day.


So how do you harness your creativity? How do you get your mind out of the simple problem solving mode and allow it to open up and give you those universe enriching ideas…


1)   Rituals – You need to build rituals that train your body and mind to open up and let it free. For me that is the daily dog walk with Peanut (he’s super cute). I walk Peanut every day. I listen to a podcast and then unplug and just let my mind wonder.

2)   Create something every day – Part of the ritual process is to commit yourself to creating something new every day. For me, it’s recipes and blog posts. I HAVE TO WRITE A BLOG EVERY DAY. And I work on new food recipes every day. It puts your brain into the position that it is forced to be creative. Your internal deadline.

3)   It’s more about devotion than discipline – don’t think about it as a discipline, but as a devotion. That you are devoted to your creativity. As soon as it gets into your mind as a discipline, it then morphs into a job, and ultimately your creativity is stifled.

4)   Use your friends – Create a trusted network that you can bounce your thoughts and ideas off of, and of people who do the same with you. That trust allows you to be able to think freely and get honest feedback. My wife is the first person I always go to with my ideas. I trust that she will give me a straight answer and not sugarcoat anything, but also not judge me in any way.

5)   Take risks – to be creative is to take risks, push the envelope and try new things. Are they all going to be successful, probably not.  But I would much rather have a lineage of failures leading to a great success, than to have never tried and grown at all.


That’s how I do it.


So, what did I come up with today? A crash course. A plan. Something that you can use for 30 days to make a huge impact for your body, your health, and your wellness.


I know what you’re thinking. “John, everyone has a plan out there they are selling, why should I buy yours?” Easy, because I’m not selling it. Once I finish building it, I’m going to give it a to you for free. Everyone who is on my mailing list can ask for it for free.


I want you to be the best version of yourself. I want you to be happy. I’m here to help.


I’ll keep you posted as I’m building it (and probably share things along the way) and let you as soon as it’s available.


Keep at it… And do your Burpees.