One of the keys to sustaining healthy eating habits is to make it easy. In creating a list of the 5 super foods you should be eating every day, or at least every couple of days I wanted to make sure that I highlight foods that you already know and are probably already eating now and then. But here’s the best part, not only am I going to tell you the foods, I’m going to give you creative recipes for each to help you get them into your diet.


So what are they?

What are these fantastic foods I should be eating that are going to make me healthy?

What magical powers do they have?

What secrets are they going to unlock?


5 Super foods You Need To Be Eating

1)   Eggs

2)   Nuts

3)   Blueberries

4)   Spinach

5)   Broccoli


I bet you’re saying, “Really?



Where are the fancy things I’ve never heard of?”

Healthy doesn’t have to be fancy, and why make it hard. It’s simple. It’s authentic. It’s real food. It’s foods that your Great Grandparents were eating.

What healthy food is not, is processed. Stay away from anything processed, hence the list. Nothing processed; only simple, real food.


So why eggs?

1)   excellent source of protein, at 6g per single eggs and zero carbs, it’s the perfect snack food

2)   best source of choline, an uber-important vitamin for optimal brain health

3)   eating eggs keeps hunger at bay


What about nuts?

1)   great source of heart-healthy unsaturated fats

2)   high levels of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) an omega-3 fatty acid

3)   excellent at reducing LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol


Blueberries, really?

1)   the highest total antioxidant capacity to fight free radicals

2)   aid in the metabolism of fat, especially the nasty abnormal fats that surround your internal organs

3) Improved memory function, and who wouldn't want that



Eat Spinach like Popeye

1)   high source of folate, a B vitamin required for new cell growth

2)   Nutrient-dense food, spinach’s nutritional value is extremely high in comparison to it’s calorie load

3) loaded with flavonoids, another great antioxidant to fight free radicals

And of course, Broccoli

1)   great source of sulforaphane, a potent cancer fighting agent

2)   rich source of  kaempferol and isothiocyanate both strong anti-inflammatory phyto nutrients

3)   great for bone health with high levels of  calcium  and  vitamin K


Each day of the week I’m going to focus on one of the above foods. Not only are we going to dig deep into their health benefits and a little of the science, but I’m also going to share 2 or 3 recipes to help you get creative with them. But if today is your shopping day, add them to your cart and use them throughout the week to help bring optimal health to your life.